Fuck The Gatekeepers, Pick Yourself Framed Print
Fuck The Gatekeepers, Pick Yourself Framed Print
Fuck The Gatekeepers, Pick Yourself Framed Print
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Fuck The Gatekeepers, Pick Yourself Framed Print

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“The awesome, scary responsibility of picking yourself.” - Seth Godin

Seth said this during his Creative Morning’s talk on Thinking Backwards. During the talk, he stated that we live in a time where everybody owns a media company if they want to. That “what’s important is did it [your work] make a change happen… did it connect two people in a way they wouldn’t be connected?... That the people that are doing the work that matters, aren’t doing work that is popular - they are doing work that matters.”

Since we all have the choice and opportunity to publish our voice online, to pick ourselves to do the work that matters, we no longer need to wait to get picked by gatekeepers as previous generations have. “Everyone is not going to love your work” he says, but the fear of not putting yourself out there should outweigh the fear of picking yourself and doing your important work.

“Go make your ruckus” as the hardcover of Seth’s latest limited edition book boldly says. We are our actions, not intentions. We have one life and our time is finite. Be ambitious, be courageous, be scared, but be awesome by being yourself and carving out your own place in the world.

In the past, a select few had all the power of who gets heard. No longer do we live in that world. Connection brings value. As Seth likes to call it, we live in the connection economy today. Choose your medium (video, audio, or the written word) and broadcast yourself, connect with someone and bring them value.

“It’s more important you do work that’s important, than you do work that’s pretty.” - Seth Godin

It doesn’t have to be perfect, let it be messy. People love following the journey. Be honest, be authentic, and most importantly be vulnerable. You don’t have to be an expert. Just present yourself authentically, that you want to learn and share your journey.

If you want to make art, publish a book, have an audio show, a video show, or any combination of them you can. Without anyone telling you no. This is truly a gift. Embrace it and go forth. “Go make your ruckus.”

Don’t give the authority to others about what you can or can’t work on.

I’ll leave you with these wise words by Seth:

“Create an environment where it’s not only safe to fail, but required to fail… The myth of the overnight success is just that, a myth.”


If you have 5 minutes, listen to Jon Westenberg’s take on the subject:

Make a statement in any room with this framed print, printed on thick, durable, matte paper. The matte black frame adds an extra touch of class.

• Alder, Semi-hardwood frame
• Black in color
• .75” thick
• Acrylite front protector
• Lightweight
• Hanging hardware included

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