My process is similar to creating a work of art. You have a concept of a direction or goal you want to achieve yet how you achieve it is through a creative process.

This creative process is the process of me asking you specific questions to understand you, your art, and your business objectives.

Next, I deliver a “concept of strategies” to execute on that provides you with direction on how to successfully reach your financial goals through making your art.

This “concept of strategies” in theory is measurable. Meaning you’ll be able to measure what money you make from your art back to the strategy used that I delivered to you as a product of us working together.

Why is this concept of having measurable strategies important?

Because what I do works and I want you to be able to see that.

Once you see that it works, your trust in me will increase. With increased trust, we can get more creative in how I help you make money from your art.

I help people H2H, Human-to-Human.

What Helping People H2H Means To Me:

You are a person, you are a person who is creative. You love making art. You hate the concept, the symbolism, the meaning of money. Yet, you have bills, responsibilities, and expenses. You understand this and proceed in one of two directions as a creative person:

  1. You make money from your art. Your art supports your life, making you money to pay your bills and expenses so you may meet your responsibilities.
  2. You do not make money from your art. You have a “day job” whose income helps you pay your bills and expenses so that you meet your responsibilities.
    1. This happens most of the time for one of two reasons:
      1. You tried making money from your art and failed to meet your financial goals.
      2. In your mind, heart, and soul – money, taints art. Therefore, you choose to create art for the sake of having to. You view your art as “pure” this way.

Regardless of direction pursued, you find yourself reading these very words. Why? Because you have yet to successfully make enough money from your art to support the lifestyle you want.

Let me help you achieve your vision for your life.

Let me help you make money with your art.

I do not help businesses, I help people do business.

I focus on helping creative people do business successfully.

Are you creative?

Do you have to create?

Do you want to be able to afford the life you’ve always desired by making money through your talent, ability, and desire to create?

If you feel yes…

… if you think yes…

…even a little….

Let’s get to work.

We can do this, together.

Let’s help you make money with your art.

When ready, click/touch the button below to book a free 15 minute introductory discovery session with me.

We’ll get to know each other a little, discuss what you want to achieve, and if we both conclude that this working relationship is a good fit – we’ll proceed into the process of helping you make money with your art.