Artist: Fred Babb

Make Money With Your Art

Welcome to the end of the “starving artist” concept. I help you make money while you pursue your art. I provide you value at a cost to you that helps you grow your creative business.

What I Do:

I make you money. How? I set you up for success. What does that mean? That means you receive a custom tailored solution to your needs that reflects an honest representation of you and your art.


My name is Yan Shmatnik and I help people like you make money with their art. As an empathetic artist myself, I understand what you think and feel in a way typical marketers / creative advertising agencies don’t. You’re a person first, artist second and quite possibly even many more labels in between those two. I treat you as such, meet you where you’re at, and help align your inner businessman / businesswoman with your inner artist.

I understand the struggle of remaining true to your art while attempting to find a way to make money with it. This is possible. You do not have to “sell out”.

I understand business. I failed many times in business and in doing so have learned and experienced valuable lessons that I culminated into my work and process. Why do I openly share that I failed? Because failure happens. Nothing in life is perfect and guaranteed. I may not get it right the first time with you but I am 100% confident that I can get it right and help you make money with your art within a certain period of time if you adhere to the guidelines and if I ask you the right questions to understand you and your business.

What I Look Like

Yan Shmatnik
Yan Shmatnik